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  • "Art narrates the stories of the soul, it tells the tales of time, revealing beauty, human emotions and the artist's state of mind. Dominic's photographs do just that."

    Timothy Tan ,Director, Public Affairs and Marketing ,New York University Tisch School of the Arts
  • "Dominic Khoo is in many ways an old soul in our contemporary times. Despite the easy availability of digital quick fixes and processes that can correct mistakes, omissions and even improve the photographic image, Dominic has chosen not to use any digital manipulation. As a result, his images are labours of love, the product of long periods of waiting, and composing of the image. Each photograph is in a very pure sense, a slice through time, a moment of life frozen with all its warts, distortions and accidental beauties. This is true realism, if nothing else."

    Tan Boon Hui ,Director of the Singapore Art Museum
  • "When Dominic asked to photograph me for his exhibition, I hadn't expected to find the most stunning and ethereal photographs taken of me in my life. The two beautiful portraits now take pride of place in our home. Thanks Dominic!"

    Member of Parliament Dr. Lily Neo
  • "They call him a 'rising star' but Dominic Khoo is among the very best in the world"

    Agency Asia
  • "Dominic shot 999 photographs at my wedding and I really love all of them! He shoots and mingles as if he was part of the family. I wouldn't have anyone else shoot my wedding!"

    Michelle Chia